What is Medical Tourism?

When the local provider of healthcare in patient’s country of residence is
unable to provide the necessary care due to:

 Cost of Healthcare is unaffordable
 Long Waiting period
 Un availability of facilities or expertise like stem cell treatment,
Ayurvedic or naturopathic treatment.
Then the patient may go on his own by his research, or according to his
relatives staying abroad or seek services of a medical Tourism Facilitator
company for the required healthcare outside the country of residence.
Why choose a medical tourism
Say a person goes on his own, in this process they are dependent upon their
relatives who take them to small Hospitals and get the surgeries done. They
usually have to compromise on quality as their relatives are layman as far as
medical treatment is concerned. So, they end up spending more for an
average treatment. This is where we can help them to provide the knowhow,
get consultation from the doctor sitting in his/her own country and fix their
surgeries in the place which best suits their needs and has best quality to
offer. We have custom made products depending upon the affordability of the
patient. Not all surgeries need to be done at corporate Hospitals so we
manage the patient’s requirement to suit his/her budget without compromising
on the quality. We have tie up with Hospitals in different cities according to the
convenience of the patient.
In today’s world of social media advertisement, you may come across many
quick fix Doctors who guarantee treatment results which are unrealistic just to
attract patients. Thereby leading to complications and giving a bad name to
that country. Going through medical tourism company which is based in
Canada you can be assured of getting saved from these doctors. But we
advise people to do their own research, see testimonials, word of mouth by
other satisfied people and then decide. We assure that the cost of treatment
will not increase from the package one has taken. You can deposit your
money in the Company’s Canadian account for more safety.

There is a misconception that Medical tourism companies are just travel
agents who book your travel needs and recommend the Hospital from where
they get commissions.The company has a variety of roles starting from
Medical advise from the treating doctor,fixing appointmentin Hospital,mking
visa,travel and accommodation arrangement according to the need and
choice of the patient.

How does it work?
Healthtour4u provides following services;
1 Free Consultation: Do you have a treatment in mind? Have been advised
treatment by your doctor? Looking for solutions? Whether you already know what
treatment you want or still looking for the best solution, we can help!
Please contact healthtour4u online or in person to have a personal facilitator assigned
to your case who will access and work for you, will give you options of destinations and
Hospitals, and budget according to your choice and need. This initial consultation is free
so why not contact us today?

2 Pre-Approval; The facilitator sends the details of
your ongoing treatment, Diagnostic and imaging reports to the concerned
doctor, take an opinion if required by video calling consultation, take a second
opinion if required, negotiate the best price according to your budget.
3 Treatment; Concierge when the person reaches the destination, make the
treatment and stay comfortable and make sure there are no problems and no
time is wasted in waiting. Give priority and VIP treatment.
4 Follow up in the parent country; The facilitator company advises the patient
to follow up with his family physician and if required, arrange for a qualified
healthcare professional for the nursing needs. If the patient needs follow-up
with the treating foreign Doctor, we make sure that he is given good
consultation by phone.
5 Beside medical treatment we provide services like Air travel, Boarding and
Lodging bookings, visas, arranging for airport pickup and dropping. We also
arrange for guide in case of language barrier or in case required for old people

or otherwise.  We also arrange for travelling to tourist destination according to
your preference say Golden Temple, Taj Mahal or South India etc.
6 Wellness Tourism. We also provide travel services to people who are
healthy but want to go abroad for naturopathic treatments, Yoga or Alternative
Healthtour4u being a Canadian incorporated company based in Surrey
BC and is being managed by a group of facilitators with background and
experience in Indian Healthcare industry, along with businessmen with good
standing and in India and Canada. Healthtour4u is a safe and reliable option
for the western population in general and South Asian people in particular. We
assure you of total Transparency and no hidden costs.
India is nowadays a hub of medical tourism and can now boast of Hospitals of
international standards. India  has standardization of Hospitals in place like
JCI and NABH which improves the quality of healthcare  The  quality of
healthcare and education of doctors and paramedics are at par with
International standards  .Citizens of North America  who are of Indian origin
routinely get the medical procedures like Cosmetic surgery ,Hair Transplant,
Dental treatment ,ENT and   laparoscopic   Surgeries ,Bariatric surgeries in
India because of low cost without any compromise of quality .Punjab
especially is becoming a hub of hair Transplant surgery.
Also, in USA approximately 52000 Indian doctors are registered medical
practitioners. In Canada also, a large number of Indian doctors are
providing their services. People of all class, creed and race go to them and
are satisfied. This in a way is enough evidence of competency and integrity of
Doctors working in good Hospitals in India.

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