All you need to know about Rhinoplasty surgery

All you need to know about Rhinoplasty surgery

The face is very important part of one’s personality. So you should think twice before thinking of plastic surgery. A minor mistake can result in a forever mark or scar.

You need to take care of all the important things before undergoing plastic or cosmetic surgery.

Rhinoplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery which is done to give a new shape to nose. You can get the desired nose with the help of this surgery. Rhinoplasty can redeem nose from all kinds of unwanted stuff like- unwanted flatness, thickness, thinness etc. In rhinoplasty, bone graft and cartilage graft both are possible.

During surgery, the cosmetic surgeon will make an incision in your nose, to reach those bones and cartilages which support nose. This incision is made in such a way, that it is not visible after the surgery. Nose bones and cartilage are set or shaped as desired and are organized again.

What after surgery?

To give support to the new shape of nose, a dressing is done on it. After a week, the dressing is removed and the nose is checked for swelling, if any. The area around the nose and the eyes may appear puffed up for some days. It may take two weeks to heal the swelling and the scar. You may have to keep your head up for many days after the surgery. Along with this, you are advised to make minimum movements.

Why rhinoplasty?

-Rhinoplasty is done to give desired shape to the nose.

-To get rid of any deficiencies of nose.

-This surgery is also done to treat nose congestion and breathing problems.

Results of nose surgery-

Results depend upon the changes done in the nose usually the results are permanent. But at the same time it can’t be denied that any kind of nose injury will not result in damage of changes made with surgery. This surgery is possible after a certain age only. Women generally are operated after the age of 15-16 years, whereas men after 17-18 years of age.

What are the risks?

-Permanent swelling and scratch may be there

-Bleeding may accompany

-You may face skin problems

-There is possibility that even after the surgery, you do not get the expected outcome.

Having read all this, one may be afraid of undergoing nose surgery. The best way to get tension free nose alteration is choosing a pro in this field. Healthtour4u team of surgeons are skilled enough to give desired results with minimum risks. Read more about cosmetic surgery…

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