Male infertility

Male infertility

This is true that most of the infertility related matters are associated with women infertility but at the same time, male incapability to reproduce can’t be denied. Men tend to relate this incapability to their self-confidence.

Major reasons of male infertility-

  1.   Smoking and drugs- both of these are popular among the youth. Smoking and intake of drugs harshly affect reproduction capability of both men and women. These significantly reduce sperm count. Besides this, one’s body develops many disorders which indirectly cause infertility.
  2. Natural reasons- a) Un-descended testes- It may be a problem by birth wherein a part of testes remains stuck in the abdomen.

                                      b) Ageing

                                     c) Impotency by birth

                                     d) weakness of genital organs

                                     e) low sperm count or low sperm motility

                                     f) Azoospermia- this is also known as zero sperm. The male reproductive system is capable of      producing semen but it does not have sperms in it.

                                     g) Problems in prostate.

3) Medical reasons- a) If suffered injury at genitals

                                     b) if undergoing cancer treatment. Chemotherapy affects fertility to some extent.

                                     c) Any other long-term health problem.

4) Lifestyle- a) Lack of regular exercise may block certain nerves.

                       b) Obesity

                       c) Excessive intake of flesh and oily food.

                       d) Steroid and other banned medicines.

                       e) Masterbation/intercourse in excess

Male infertility treatment-

Proper knowledge and appropriate advice

First of all stop relating this problem to your self esteem, Meet a specialist and get ‘male infertility test ‘ done. Based upon the reports, follow up the treatment which your doctor advises. Throughout the treatment, keep yourself positive and motivated.

What you can do on your own to ensure positive results in your treatment-

  1. Change your unhealthy eating habits. Switch to balanced diet.
  2. Get rid of obesity as soon as possible but make sure you do it naturally. Never rely upon powders, capsules etc for weight loss.
  3. Keep yourself stress free and happy.
  4. Workout for a minimum of one hour every day.
  5. Stay away from drugs, alcohol and smoking.

In a nutshell, you can beat male infertility with the help of proper treatment, knowledge and balanced lifestyle. Couples suffering from infertility also visit abroad for treatment…

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