Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant is transplantation of hair from one part of body to another part which is bald. Hair are usually harvested from Occipital region i.e.


  ENT   ENT doctors are the medical professionals who treat and operate Ear, Nose and Throat. They are also called Otolaryngologist. The various procedures


Couple suffering from infertility also visit abroad for treatment, India is a favourite destination as there are super specialist doctors and state of art centers


Dental treatment includes all procedures from dental filling, RCT, Dental Implants, Dental crowns, Bridges, Prosthesis cosmetic dentistry. Although Dental procedures are way too cheaper than in

Cosmetic and laser surgery

Cosmetic surgery is becoming very safe thanks to the modern medical practices. It carries very less morbidity. The various surgeries being done in India are


After cosmetic and Dental tourism Orthopedic procedures are the third common medical tourism attraction. All types of non-Emergency surgeries like knee Replacement, Hip Replacement, Arthroscopy,

Bariatric surgery

Obesity is becoming a fast spreading health disorder all over the world due to sedentary life style. It is root cause of many diseases like

General and Laparoscopic surgery

General and Laparoscopic surgery means surgery done usually on the abdomen by doctors who are specialist in surgery and Laparoscopic surgery. The various surgeries are

Ayurvedic and Wellness Tourism

India is historically known for Ayurveda. Nowadays people in Western World are more interested in Naturopathic treatments for chronic diseases. The various facilities are Ayurvedic

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